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Our Mission ~ Your Success is Our Goal!
Madison University's mission is to provide working adults the freedom and flexibility to complete their education and earn a degree through the use of technology and distance learning.  The University provides an alternative to traditional classroom based programs and encourages students to explore their potential and continue their education.  Our primary goal is to utilize distance learning teaching methods to prepare students for rewarding jobs in high-demand careers.

The University has achieved this objective by keeping abreast of employment demands, employer needs, teaching methods, and the use of various educational resources and industry-standard equipment.

Open Enrollment Program ~ Flexible and Self-Paced!
The Open Enrollment Program at Madison University allows you to begin your studies
at any time during the year.  This method of enrollment is utilized to avoid stringent guidelines imposed by classroom schedules and semester restrictions used by traditional institutions.  Graduation from a Madison University degree program may take place at any time during the year pursuant to completion of all academic and financial obligations.

Although degree programs have specific completion requirements, you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and complete course work on an individualized basis.  You may extend your degree term with Madison University's Free Extension Program or accelerate your completion based on the level of commitment your schedule permits.

Excellent Student Support ~ Our Promise To You!

Madison University courses are taught by professors who possess graduate degrees and practical experience in their field of expertise.  Because the professors work in the field they teach, students will acquire the most current industry knowledge and skills. That’s an important benefit when it comes to information technology or business courses, where the course content is constantly evolving.

Excellent support is the heartbeat of success for Madison University students and graduates.  Student Service Representatives will be available to assist you with all aspects of completing your education.  Our staff and faculty realize the importance of prompt and accurate correspondence and remain dedicated to your success from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

Madison University was established to provide quality off-campus academic degree programs to a select group of highly motivated, self-disciplined, mid-career adults. The University utilizes modern technology coupled with traditional correspondence as a vehicle for providing knowledge and skills through the completion of distance learning courses. The University provides an alternative to traditional classroom based programs and encourages students to explore their potential and continue their education in a society and job market in which higher education is typically synonymous with success and personal growth.

The University's primary goal is to utilize distance learning teaching methodology to prepare students for rewarding jobs in high-demand careers. Madison University's structured programs are designed to:

  • Motivate independent learners to pursue the acquisition of knowledge and self enrichment

  • Promote higher education commensurate with career advancement and personal achievement

  • Encourage portfolio assessment to formalize previous academic achievements and experiential learning which may equate to college level credit hours

  • Cultivate a self-paced learning environment which encourages a flexible balance of course completion, career commitment and family responsibilities

  • Utilize short and long term academic goals to improve the students confidence level and self-esteem which will ensure their ability to negotiate a competitive salary while making a significant contribution to their employer


  • Initiate a long-distance learning connection with professors and virtual campus course-mates

  • Provide consistent encouragement throughout the completion of each student's degree program by maintaining a network of student support which enables communication between faculty, active students and alumni

  • Create a nurturing environment to foster the personalized growth and development of each student's individual learning objectives

  • Encompass a wide range of innovative concepts and ideas while maintaining integrity and standards equivalent to traditional classroom based higher education institutions

  • Challenge each student with a curricula designed for degree specific course completion which requires problem solving and analytical skills

  • Offer quality education with affordable tuition

  • Allow students to participate in course selection in order to tailor and personalize degree programs

  • Employ qualified faculty to continuously implement the use of comprehensive current teaching materials specific to the student's major of study

  • Create a lasting desire for higher education by providing a fun rewarding learning environment

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